Saturday, April 18, 2009

First Harvest

Well my garden is doing GREAT! I've gotten several harvests of spinach, and now we are almost to the point where we are so tired of spinach we can't stand it. I pick enough spinach each day for use somewhere and the next day the small leaves have grown so big I have to pick some more! Green smoothies, spinach quiche, Saag paneer, all sorts of stuff and we have spinach coming out our ears.

But, the spinach is amazing, almost buttery. The bee sits in the garden and eats it without even washing it and I don't worry about it because I don't spray my garden with anything but garlic juice.

We have also had a few radishes. I would have had far more but a late hard freeze killed about twenty of them. But we have had about ten white radishes which have a great peppery flavor to them. They are delightful straight from the garden, rinsed and popped whole into my mouth!

We'll have broccoli soon, hopefully before the summer here gets to hot and causes it to bolt. I've also got about twenty onions growing! I'm hoping to get a big harvest around the same time that my tomatoes and jalepeno are ready so I can make a few batches of salsa. My beans onions garlic, herbs, will all go into the ground in about two weeks. I'll follow that up two weeks later with corn, summer squash, cucmbers, and winter squash.



Michelle Stille said...

Cool! Someday I will have a huge garden but I'm sticking with my small one for now. Garlic juice, huh? How exactly do you do that?

Erin said...

Garlic juice is the best insect repellent in the world! Take about ten cloves of garlic and some water and put them in your blender until it is a really fine puree. I then store this in a pint jar in the fridge and mix equal parts strained garlic juice and mineral oil and spray them on the leaves of the plants. I never have a large problem with insects!

Peregrina said...

I'm proud of you, sweetie! Next summer I am hoping on a long road trip...and I am officially inviting myself to visit you...and eat out of your garden!