Monday, February 7, 2011

an update

Thank you all for your concern.

We are fine, though have had a rough go of it.

I had severe pre-eclampsia and was on bedrest for three months. The ninja made an appearance when I was 35+5 weeks pregnant and is beautiful and healthy. Since we knew he was going to come early we were able to prepare his lungs with steroid shots. He breathed on his own from the beginning and didn't ever have to stay in the NICU. He was very small when he was born, but is nursing wonderfully and growing on schedule. He is catching up with his adjusted age nicely.

His brother and sister are thrilled with him, and I'm so glad for them to have another sibling. They are doing wonderfully with him.

We have had a rough couple of months. December was me recovering from a c-section and dealing with a preterm baby, and in January we were hit with the flu for myself and the bigger kids and the baby was hospitalized with RSV.

However it seems we are all getting healthy again and looking forward to spring as a family of five.


Jessica said...

Erin, I was so excited to see this when I logged into my feed reader today. Congrats!! I hope that you all continue to be healthy and happy.

Ash said...

I'm excited to hear about your life as a family o' five as it unfolds! Hurrah for things settling down a bit. :O)

Bethgo said...

Congrats. It sounds like you have been through a lot. Good to see you are coming out the other side ok. All the best to you and yours.