Saturday, June 6, 2009


I want to get away for a weekend, but I don't think it is going to happen this year. The sailor won't have a chance to get away until late summer and I'll be in full preservation mode then! I won't be able to get away at that point.

I'm antsy for berries to come into season. No strawberries in the state this year, which is a bummer. But blackberries are in the next two weeks, followed quickly by blueberries, then I'll be busy nonstop with preservation.

I'm antsy to get started on it! I'm also trying to get the house in order as much as possible before the busy season starts. Because summer busy season goes straight until after Christmas before I can relax again.

Goodness, I'm tired thinking about it!

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Michelle said...

We have been picking blueberries like crazy. We've picked almost 50 lb so far. I freeze them. My main use for them is in my oatmeal every morning.