Saturday, June 6, 2009


If you want to learn to properly can food I'll be documenting it this summer as I go through things. My first project will be blackberry jam. Home canning is easy, safe and inexpensive! I'll probably be canning in a few weeks and there are a few things you need if you want to follow along with me :)

1. Ball Blue Book. This is the bible of canning and every home canner needs one!
2. For Jam, pectin. You can make your own from green apples and yes that is a more natural way to jelly food, but I have no interest in that at this point in my life. Perhaps I'll learn how in the next few years, for now, I'll use the stuff you get at the grocery store in the canning aisle
3. Jars. Ball or mason jars. Clean, no cracks. Lids need to be new, rings can be used over and over again
4. Sugar. I have yet to use honey successfully in canning, so I have to use good old white sugar. No it isn't good for you, but oh well. I'm still working on using alternative sugars.
5. Fruit. Jams all work basically the same way, so whatever fruit you have you can use!


Mom said...

Good luck with the canning...check out my canning exploits here:

Traci said...

Oh yay! We're going to the blueberry farm at the end of the week and I just got a pressure canner so I am excited to get to use it! So glad you're going to be documenting this stuff!

jh said...

Thanks for posting on canning. Not only is it a great way to stretch a dollar, but it is so much healthier, as tin cans are lined with plastics that leach into food and so much sodium and preservatives. This is exciting and I look forward to reading your experiences!

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