Wednesday, July 1, 2009

All my pumpkins died :(

I'm very sad about it. I had vine borers that ate the insides out of all my pumpkins and summer squash. My butternut squash is still thriving, as are all my melons. But I'm honestly upset about the pumpkins, I was so looking forward to roasting them and having fresh pumpkin pies and pancakes and breads and adding pumpkin to my green smoothies with some honey and spices. Now I'll have to settle for store bought ones, or hopefully find a local farmer who has sugar pumpkins!

I'm not a giant zucchini fan, so it isn't a huge loss aside from the fact that I've never heard of a person who can't grow summer squash.

The rest of the garden is amazing. My tomatoes are freakish, over six feet tall now.

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Allie said...

I'm sorry... I sure wish I could just grow some zucchini, never mind the things you have. My soil and climate does not like growing things sometimes. :(

Hang in there! Stupid borers.