Sunday, January 17, 2010

My perfect day

I had a perfect day today. Really perfect.

We woke up with the sunshine, and a sweet girl whispering "The sun woke up again today!"

We had soaked oatmeal with raw honey, bananas and cinnamon for breakfast. Topped with coconut oil and raw heavy cream.

We went to a new church that was small, only twenty people, but the teaching was amazing and the people were sweet.

We came home and had quesidillas for lunch with cheese I made from raw milk, and tortillas I made from freshly milled wheat and spelt. Plus homemade salsa that I made last summer all from my garden.

Then we had a kazoo concert. The bee has a particular love for The Beatles, especially "I am the Walrus"

I put a roast in the oven.

Huck took a nap. And the bee and I worked out, and the sailor went to lowes.

We looked at paint colors when he returned.

We colored for a while with some markers and made up stories to go with our drawings.

We went into the backyard and looked at the first tiny shoots coming up in the asparagus patch on the side of the house, hoping that we get more than two this summer and picked a few weeds that are invading the strawberries. We checked the raspberries, and are worried they won't make it.

We finished dinner. We had creamed spinach, roast, and mashed potatoes. The kids loved it all. The bee "helped" me cook, as she loves to cook.

We then read books, nine books to be sure. Brushed our teeth, and then the sailor and I put the kids to bed.

Then the sailor and I came downstairs and did some chores together and he decided to turn on the television to watch a TV show that he loves.

We spent no money, we just spent time together.

I cannot for the life of me think of a better day.


AlternaMum said...

What a beautiful post. There should be more days like these!

Linda said...

Aw, may you have more perfect days like this!