Thursday, February 11, 2010


We are tired of winter here. The thing is, I have always loved winter, but this year I'm finding it trying. The kids are tired of bundling up everytime we go out, and being sick, and all the junk you have associated with winter. I've let our diet go, and when the sailor is gone for days at a time, I far to often don't cook the way I want to, or the way that we are healthiest.

I'm so looking forward to the ground being turned over in my garden again in a few weeks, and scattering those first few seeds and waiting on them to come up and reward us with their delightful flavors.

Soon, soon. This season will be over. Spring is almost here


familyofthree said...

Erin! I've missed reading your blog and "seeing" you on the BBs. :)

(Wrigley's Mommy)

Fusion said...

I'm in Florida and I am tired of winter. My herbs are sad with no sun. HURRY UP SPRING!

Anonymous said...

This year with the swine flu scare, I read that taking vitamin D3 (it' rhymes: D-3) boosts the immunity system. Since I didn't want the vaccination (contains bad stuff!), we opted for the D3. I have five children under 10, and we have been the healthiest that we've EVER been thru a (Michigan) winter! It's been just wonderful. I recommend it to everyone I know - it's sunshine in a bottle.

If you need a positive boost, I'll share mine with you: Attic24 - Lucy's blog. It's my morning read, because the colors and her happiness are so contagious.

Erin said...

I'm a BIG believer in Vitamin D and we have taken CLO for years :)