Thursday, January 22, 2009

home brews

I want to learn how to home brew beer. I Love beer, and live in a state where six point beer has to be purchased only in a liquor store.

Even cooler would be to grow my own hops and barley and....

Well that just sounds like a lot of work. Nevermind. I'll drive to texas and get myself some Fat Tire


Queen Bee said...

I got DH all the equipment he needed to brew beer and hard cider for Christmas. His first batch is ready for bottling. Growing your own barley and hops sounds like a lot of work, but the actual process of getting it all ready for fermentation was easier than he expected. Of course, he has to taste the results!


Kileah said...

we love brewing hard Cider and Perry in the fall! This year we will be adding beer. It's so much fun! Tastes amazing!