Sunday, January 18, 2009

skim milk

Who ever decided to take all of the cream out of milk and make it blue and serve it skim style was nuts.

I tried it on some cereal this morning and was horrified. I couldn't even eat the cereal. ewwwww


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's basically like putting water on your cereal with a splash of milk for flavor.
I attempted to my yogurt with 2% the other day. YUCK!!! I can drink 2% just fine, but not in yogurt.

Erin said...

I looked at the calorie content of 2% vs skim too and there isn't a big difference! Like fifteen calories. I haven't found raw milk here yet, but when I do I'm back on whole milk.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can't find raw milk either...but this next month, we are going to see if we can do majority organic in everything and see how we can do with our budget. Particularly fruits/veggies/meat.
What all are you planting in your garden this year? We're going to do tomatoes, herbs, peas, peppers, and lettuce. We tried some brussel sprouts and cabbage last year, but they didn't turn out.

Tara said...

I read that farmers give their pigs skim milk to fatten them up. Scary! Have you ever read the book "Nourishing Traditions"? It's in there. Awesome book!

Erin said...

We are big nourishing traditions people, though I haven't gotten any kombucha or kefir going since we moved. I also don't have a source for raw milk right now either, which is frustrating!