Saturday, January 17, 2009

oh the food he'll eat

Huck is eight and a half months old and doesn't stop eating it seems. But he is wanting less and less formula, and more and more real food. So far today he has eaten a half a banana, some mexican rice and beans, this apple/oatmeal/cinnamon thing that I made, and some sweet potatoes, plus two bottles. He just isn't all that interested in bottles anymore :( I'm wondering if he would like to start drinking from a straw or a cup.

I am not one to feed babies filler foods like manufactured rice cereal or puffs (though the bee gets these as a treat once in a while) or such. Babies are just little people, they should eat food just like real people eat. And I don't think we should start putting food in their little bodies until they are reaching for it themselves. With the bee this was around five months, with huck this has been around six months, but starting in a BIG way this past week.

Whole grains are good for babies and they are so easy, not to mention cheap, to make at home! Grind up some rice, barley, oatmeal, or millet in your blender or grain mill until it is a fine flour. Then whisk it into rapidly boiling water and cook for about ten minutes, thinning as needed. If you add some fruit or veggies to this it is a great healthy cheap and easy option for babies and their little tummies.

But they don't need it at four months. They still need breastmilk (formula if that is what you do) at that age!


Holly said...

What a good eater! Mine just turned 9 mo. and they are definitely into "big people" food these days! Just finished a banana between the two of them. I've stopped pureeing foods as much and just giving them little bites of things now. Last night I made a whole wheat pasta, chicken, and tomato sauce bake and they LOOOOVED it. They also really like home made yogurt (plain or with fruit).
How do you have him eat veggies? I've done frozen peas, but they're not crazy about them... any other ideas?

Erin said...

Oh Holly it is so easy to get them to eat their veggies! Steam some veggies and cut them up small and put it on a tray in front of them. If they are interested they'll put it in their mouths :)

However with Huck he does like to eat off a spoon some too, so I steam veggies until they are soft and then chop them very fine in my cuisinart mini prep or any mini food processor and just put it in his mouth. The only veggie I've found that he doesn't like, is fennel, which the bee doesn't like either.

Holly said...

I have found the best way for them is to puree them in some hummus for them, but they haven't liked them plain. I'll try steaming and cutting them up, though. They do like spices, so I'm adding those in slowly. Maybe adding a bit of curry to the veggies will help them enjoy them more...

Erin said...

The bee started eating curry at about ten months! We would take her to this random little Indian resturant and they would cater just to her, it was awesome :) Go ahead with the spices!