Thursday, February 19, 2009

New life

It is chilly outside. We have had a few days of warmer, some days even hitting 70 and that is the joy of living in the part of the country we do, but today is chilly. But this morning, as I went to give water to some desolate ground I found this


It doesn't look like a lot, but last week the bee and I pushed a tiny little spinach seed into those very spots. And now, there is tiny new life appearing where there was once just brown dirt. My first little crop has appeared, my first little step toward growing food this year to sustain my family. I've got about fifteen little tiny guys appearing right now!

And I'm giddy with joy!

I've got seed pots started with broccoli, tomatoes, fennel, and eggplant. Onions and carrots will hit the ground soon, carrot seeds perhaps today. Radishes in about three weeks in a direct sew.


Michelle Stille said...

Cool! I will be planting soon, too!

emily said...

What a cute little shoot! Really makes me long for warmer weather ♥

Tara said...

That's exciting! And great for the niece has loved gardening since she was 2. :-)

Gem said...

Oh wow, our ground isn't even thawed yet -- in fact, it just cleared completely of snow yesterday and we're to get 4-8 inches tonight. Won't be planting for a while!

(jewelmcjem from GCM)

Peregrina said...

I was just noticing that I (almost) need to mow the lawn for the first time. Its a huge job that I complain about by the end of summer, but am looking forward to right now!