Sunday, September 13, 2009

an absentee summer

I've been through a lot this summer, it hasn't been a great one.

I found out a while ago that I was pregnant, only to find out a few short hours later that it was not a viable pregnancy.

My poor garden got hailed out. I have six butternut squash and one beautiful white pumpkin. And enough basil to feed Italy.

But we have been making some changes in our plans for our future. We have been spending a lot of time in prayer trying to find out where God wants us to go, and we are sure we know on one front, and not so sure on another.

We are applying to send the bee to a really good prep school here. At this point in my life, and looking at the combination of my personality and limitations with my ADD, and the bees personality and unique gifts we have decided that a prep school with a Montessori education model for the younger years might be a better fit for her. I'm surprised that we are leaning this direction since we always planned on a little homeschool, but this decision feels so right to us. I'm going to write a post soon on my emotions regarding homeschooling, because they are pretty big right now (good big)

I'm also returning to school in the spring and plan on pursuing an education degree and want to teach high school.

The rapid change in our lives feels right and both the sailor and I are at peace about this. We are both very good at making decisions "quickly" but they are almost always right when we do. Long drawn out decisions often mean we aren't pursuing the right path.


Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your pregnancy loss.

Linda said...

Oh Erin! I am so sorry about your loss. :( How devastating it must've been for you and your DH.