Monday, October 5, 2009


**This is NOT a paid endorsement, it is just something I've found that works wonderfully for us**

If you aren't familiar with e-mealz you should be. I love it. It is a menu planning system, and they are just great! Our food budget has dropped dramatically since we started using it, and it is so much easier.

What it is, is meal plans. It is also store specific and goes with the specials at a store during the week. It does use some processed foods, but I either substitute with homemade, or sometimes use the processed. It is healthy and kid friendly.

But more than that it is cheap! It is only 1.95 a week. They offer vegetarian, low carb, weight watchers points, and other options. You can choose for a family of two or a family of four to six. Also you can choose the plan for Wal-mart, Ralphs, Publix, Aldi, or "any store"

I really love it, and it has made our lives a bit easier right now. We are super busy right now and will be getting busier in January. This has worked really well for my family.


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katdish said...

Okay, I totally need to do that. I hate planning meals. I hate cooking meals for that matter...

Anyhoo, I wanted you to know that I'm giving you a shout out tomorrow for coining the phrase "prostitot" on my blog.