Monday, February 15, 2010


More than half of the American public drink coffee. I drink coffee. I have ADD and caffeine is a huge part of my routine and keeps me off stronger levels of amphetamines to deal with my ADD. (I've GOT to do an ADD post eventually) Coffee helps me to function as a wife, mother, student, and woman. Not to mention be a productive member of society!

But the choice of coffee is dreadfully important, and we as Americans have the lunary of making HUGE impacts on the coffee industry! We are the wealthiest nation in the world, and except for those among us who are living paycheck to paycheck or on government aid can make a difference.

Fair trade coffee is something that is important. We can with our money put an end to the horrific practices of the big coffee companies and do our part to help end worldwide poverty! Please at least watch this trailer, and if you can afford to rent them watch the movie!


BethGo said...

This was a very eye opening documentary.
I try to buy my beans from my favorite place, Barefoot Coffee Roasters in San Jose. The owner actually travels to the farms to purchase the beans and has built relationships with the farmers.
This thing actually goes beyond just fair trade.
Coffee can change the world.

Denise said...

My dear husband has ADD & definitely is addicted to caffeine. If he accidentally misses it, he has a headache by afternoon. A bad one. I never really thought it through that this is linked to his ADD. I knew the ADD meds are stimulants. Good to know it actually is helping him. If you have other tips/insights or blog posts about ADD please let me know.