Sunday, August 3, 2008

the Beginning of a new blog

Some of you may have stumbled here from my my adoption blog/life blog and some may have found me by google searching freshly milled grain, or whole wheat baking, or something of the sort. No matter how you stumbled across this blog, welcome!

This is primarily my food blog. Now within food blogging I also talk about issues that I'm passionate about, including organics, local eating, freshly milled grains, free range animals treated and killed in humane manners, raw milk, etc... Also I'll be talking about green living, which is so my kids can grow up in a chemical free environment, and hopefully pass that on to their children. Preparedness is a topic that I'm finding myself more and more passionate about, as I see some coming collapse to our way of life. I want to make sure that my family and those around me can eat if we lose our food resource. Hopefully with our next move I'll be able to have the garden and chickens that I so often dream of!

We have made a pretty big change in our house and kitchen in the past few years. I think we probably eat close to 90% whole foods. I grind my own wheat for bread. I can and freeze food in season. We don't use white flour and we use VERY VERY little white sugar (though I have not found a good substitute for powdered sugar yet.) We eat butter, real butter, sometimes homemade. We use real cream in our coffee. We eat beef that was raised on grass and not grain, and eat eggs that come from chickens that wander around pecking at the dirt and eating grubs, and those eggs have bright yolks that are a vivid orange.

So there we go.



Jessica said...

I am interested in cooking for my family with whole foods but am on a strict budget. Do you find your grocery bills are higher? I know there is no price for your family's health, but, I still gotta stay in budget. :)

Anonymous said...

Rock on! Eventually you're going to post that Strawberry Cheesecake recipe right? That was effin amazing.