Tuesday, August 12, 2008

turning off the AC

I'm hot.

I'm sick today, so is the bee. Lots of tummy pangs and a slight fever. ewwwww

So we bumped up the AC in our house again and now we are sitting at 86 degrees during the day, though I have to have it at 74 to sleep at night. I truly don't think I can go an INCH higher, and it always clicks on around five in the afternoon anyways. The kids run around in just diapers because it is hot.

Florida sucks.

Why are we doing this? For one, we are cheap cheap cheap people. I hate to pay for ANYTHING, especially cooled air which is such a crazy luxury. Most people in the world, do just fine with it, their bodies just acclimate to the heat.

But beyond that we are trying to limit our use of oil and energy as much as possible. I don't believe in global warming. Especially in light of the fact that in the past ten years temperatures haven't warmed AT ALL, and this past year they have actually fallen globally. I DO however believe that as humans we have a responsibility to the earth to take care of it. I think that humans have caused major problems with their pollution, dead spots in the oceans, mercury levels that are INSANE in rivers and oceans, use of pestacides that cause cancer, etc... So I believe that we should try and limit our usage of energy if possible.

I also think we have to do this for national and global security. Russia is at war with Georgia right now, and it is TOTALLY over oil! I will not comment publicly anymore about US actions because of my husbands job, though I will say that I always support our troops and am grateful for what they do! I do believe in peak oil, and I think that nations will REALLY start to go to war for oil fairly soon. I would rather this be later than sooner, and I feel like perhaps by turning up my AC I can make a small difference.


Holly said...

I commend you for doing your part! We also try to keep our AC use to a minimum... I usually keep it at 75, though...but the last few days I've been able to go with just the fans on! We also have just one car and I walk most places with the boys. Next summer we will invest in a child carrier to attach to our bikes so we can ride everywhere :)

Love Me, Don't Eat Me. said...

We keep our AC at about 80 during the day and use fans to cool off. When I was a kid we didn't have air conditioning and we survived!

Peregrina said...

Oh, Erin...I totally agree with you. How did we ever live to adulthood without A/C? I'll tell you, we went outside and played in the shade!