Friday, August 8, 2008

GMO sugar ew

So GMO beet sugar will be hitting cereals made by Kellogg and Hershey's products. Not that we eat those products a lot as it is, but now even less.

It is pretty darn obvious to me that we shouldn't screw with Nature. No matter your view on God, I think we can ALL agree that a normal everyday tomato is much healthier for you than one that has been changed and created in a lab.

If you aren't familiar with
genetically modified organism go and research. Basically big food companies are screwing with the plants that we eat to make them more resistant to disease, herbicides and able to produce FAR more sugar like the sugar beets mentioned above as well as corn syrup.

Many if not most commercial packaged foods contain GMO ingredients. This is one of the MANY MANY reasons that we avoid prepackaged foods if at all possible.

This is also one of the MANY MANY reasons I'm looking forward to being more settled for a few years so I can garden again! Oh I miss my garden!

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Bear's Mommy said...

Erin, is your husband on board with all this? That is my problem. I bake whole wheat bread and he thinks it is gross. He is constantly buying processed foods and bring them in the house. It makes me want to scream. We would be a much healthier family if it were not for him. He doesn't like vegetables and I have just recently started him on fruit every day. He has given stuff to my children I wouldn't put in my own body. I am so frustrated. Anyway . . . any advice?