Friday, August 29, 2008

vegetable curry

I love curry. I love it. Sadly the east Indian population in the Florida panhandle is non existant and I have had to resort to making Indian flavored food myself.

This dish isn't pretty when it is done, but it is sooooo yummy

I always serve it with long grain brown rice. I like jasmine rice if you can find it, but brown jasmine rice is hard to find! So I just use generic brown rice.

Make your rice however you make your rice.

For the curry. First take about two tablespoons of curry powder or garam masala and toast it in a dry pan until it is fragrant. I usually throw in some cumin also, about one tablespoon. This really brings out the flavor of the curry.


Remove the curry from the pan and set aside. Then saute one onion and four cloves of garlic in some fat. Ghee is the traditional Indian fat, but I don't usually keep Ghee on hand, so I just use canola oil. Rice oil, while hard to find, is really yummy also. Add to the pan whatever vegetables you like. I usually have cauliflower, green beans, and canned tomatoes, as well as garbanzo beans. I like garbanzo beans in this because I like the flavor and texture. They are also a traditional Indian bean.

I almost always use canned tomatoes when I'm cooking something with tomatoes. Fresh tomatoes are delightful, when they are in season and fully ripe. However canned tomatoes are really healthy too and far more delicious than out of season farmed yucky tomatoes. I'm not a big fan of canned foods in general, but canned tomatoes and canned beans have a large place in my cupboard.

Okay, so you add your veggies to the pan (don't drain the tomatoes), then add back your curry powder and then add a can of coconut milk. You can make fresh coconut milk if you want to. I don't. Cook until the veggies are tender and serve over brown rice. The rice and beans in the same meal provide a complete protein too, so this is a great vegetarian option!



Kristy said...

DEFINATELY trying this one! Do the kids eat it too? I'm looking for new ways to cook beans for Moobaby-- she likes them, but I only have three ways, and they're getting old.

Anonymous said...

Do you buy garbanzo beans dry or canned? I think my hubby might really like this one... :)

Erin said...

I do both with the garbanzo beans. I personally like to use dried as often as possible and usually have some cooked ones on hand for hummus, but canned beans are a find, even great substitute! I prefer the canned ones on Salads for whatever reason!

Anonymous said...

I've never made dried beans before, but I'm willing to try.... you just boil them like rice? How long will they keep?

Erin said...

Dried beans are easy, though they require planning. They are far cheaper than canned beans too :)

Soak your beans overnight in twice as much water as beans. This will also help to get rid of all the stuff that gives you gas ;) Rinse in the morning and simmer NOT BOIL for about three hours or until soft. There is also another method, but I don't think the beans taste as good, so I'm not sharing right now, maybe later.

If you have extra beans buy some tahini and make hummus!

Kristy said...

I made a variation of this tonight (no coconut milk) and it was DELICIOUS! Moobaby loved it! (it was her first try with chick peas)

Keep 'em comin!

Michelle Stille said...

I made this 2 mights ago and it was yummy! And Gabe approved. =) Of course he only ate the beans but whatever.